"My Universe"

tomato cage, fabric, plastic, zippers, embroidery floss, pencils, needlepoint canvas, buttons, cable ties

This is the biggest basket I have ever made.

It stands almost as tall as I am and it took the longest time to make of any of my pieces….7 months of steady work.  It uses all my favorite colors, especially a lot of purple."


The ordinary beauty of the structure took my breath away. My inner voice began asking questions: "What could I do with that?", "How could I break up the space?", "What techniques would I use?", " What materials?". 

I let it sit in my studio for a few months while my ideas percolated.

To begin, I added “spines” of hot pink plastic tubing, separating the tiers into more than 50 sections.  One by one, I filled the sections using  different fiber techniques and materials. 

My concept was to put all these patches together into a quilt-like  3-dimensional piece.


The process was all about what I like to do the most.

I used my favorite fiber techniques as well as some other methods that I've experimented with in the past.

I used a lot of embroidery and weaving. Even macrame showed up in some patches!

The piece took on an autobiographical flavor as I worked on it.


It all started with a

hot pink tomato cage that I found at the hardware store.


 Sausalito, CA 94965



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