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Emily's largest
so far!...

In 2022, Emily was commissioned to create a giant installation for a private collector. The piece, titled "Joyful, spans 12'x16' and weighs well over 200 pounds. Emily spent an entire year exclusively working on it. In the end, it far exceeded both Emily's and her client's expectations

How it all started...

In 2022,  Emily received an inquiry from a designer about commissioning a large wall piece to be installed in a collector's home. Emily was skeptical at first, concerned the client might want something like a traditional tapestry, but once the two connected, Emily knew this was going to be an exciting endeavor. The client offered Emily full artistic license. She wanted a piece that's dynamic, fun, and just as wacky and wonderful as Emily's sculptural baskets. 

Emily's is
always up for a challenge...


To start the process, Emily wanted to get a sense of which materials and techniques would best suit the client's sensibility. She had the client choose 3 favorite pieces from her website and the journey began there.
Emily is constantly challenging herself so she wasn't intimidated to work outside of her comfort zone. She knew the process would be thrilling and the work would take on a life of its own and sure enough, it certainly did!

For Emily, 
the process is always a delight.

Emily tried to put herself 
in her client's shoes.


Knowing the client has two high energy, artistic kids, Emily wanted to choose materials that celebrate childhood and evoke whimsy. She incorporated hints of copper metal to harmonize the piece with a light fixture that exists in the space where it would be hung. 

The client was very involved in the journey. Emily sent photos of the segments as they progressed. Not once did the client object to Emily's choices. Early on, the client named the piece "Joyful" which was a true endorsement of the vibe Emily sought to capture. Ultimately it was was exactly the moniker the piece deserved.

The logistics of creating a durable, large scale piece called for higher strength materials.  Emily worked with an architect to create a bar system to make sure the piece would be safely fixed to the wall and wouldn't buckle when hung. The piece was transported in 3 sections and assembled on site. Seeing it all together was truly thrilling.



"In creating, there is adventure, discovery, tension, & surrender.

That is what I live for."

As in all her work, Emily chose 
everyday materials we all take for granted.

The piece flows from left to right.

It's intentionally tilted and has no edges. It's busy but flows. As in all of Emily's work, the work invites you to come closer to discover familiar materials transformed into characters in the larger story. Wonder is always built in to Emily's work and this piece delivers it in spades. Despite being 10 times the size of any work she has created, it maintains the same sense of humor that Emily brings to everything she creates.

Classic Title

Classic Title

Classic Title


colored pencils

outdoor chair webbing

speaker wire

fruit crusher tops

zipper pulls

denim pants seams

zipper halves

bra straps

wood buttons

shoe laces

roll over for more...

The future looks bright!

When it was all done, Emily felt grateful for the chance to try something new and excited to see how this piece might be the catalyst to explore more installation opportunities in the future.

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