"My process includes a fair amount of experimentation. Every unique basket undergoes a creative metamorphosis in all aspects, including

color, texture, pattern, design, shape and material. "

"I approach my work from many different directions. 

     Over the years, I've learned to trust in the natural evolution of discovery, trial and error, and the occasional perfect marriage of idea and execution. Some baskets seem to come together effortlessly while others challenge every corner of my aesthetic and engineering skills.                                 As with everything that matters, there's a reverence and a satisfaction that comes from seeing a creation from start to finish. Like disparate notes that somehow manage to sing, my pieces represent the eternal truth that wonder can be found anywhere and everywhere, as long as you remain open and determined to find it."

Contemporary basketry artist, Emily Dvorin uses unconventional and recycled materials to create her innovative vessels.


 Sausalito, CA 94965



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