"Black and Blue"


denim jeans seams & other parts, threads, cable ties



Creating this basket felt like reassembling an ageless icon

A friend gave me a huge quantity of denim seam ends and parts. I was drawn to the subtle variations in how the various fabrics had faded and frayed. The materials were soft and pliable which made them a pleasure to work with.

First, I made the vessel shape by coiling stacked seams, using cable ties as joiners. The coils evolved into the "torso" with a diagonal patterning of cable tie stitches.

Once the structure was intact,  I made a “skin” of odd parts, flies, belt loops and worn knee patches.

The process was very architectural. Organized, but free form.

As the layers took shape, I was reminded of the remarkable timelessness of  denim.   I appreciated every little bit and piece.  From zipper, to belt loop, to seam,  I became reaquainted with every pair of jeans I 've ever loved.

Once again, I enjoyed the unpredictable, evolving way of progressing through the work.



 Sausalito, CA 94965



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