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Emily Dvorin is a scupltural basketry artist in Sausalito, California.


"Cleanse & Exfoliate"

deconstructed mesh bath poofs, security ties

A contemporary vessel by Sausalito basket artist, Emily Dvorin, made from deconstructed mesh bath poofs and security ties.

My goal with this piece was to create a vessel with a

“sudsy” appearance. 

Bath poofs to be used to create a contemporary vessel by Sausalito basket artist, Emily Dvorin.

This piece is made with deconstructed bath poofs & security ties.

The material, when taken apart, made an exciting fiber for coiling.

 I made many “pods” which were like mini- baskets unto themselves.


Connecting them was the challenge.

Ultimately,  I "sewed" the pods together with security ties.

As with many of my pieces, the compartments all contribute to the whole. The  security ties encompass and unify the vessel in a flurry of translucent "fibers" that are almost irresistible to touch.

The bead-like sections of the ties evoke the feeling of water droplets spraying from the core.  The effect is fresh and whimsical, like a sprinkler in a springtime garden.  

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