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Emily Dvorin is a scupltural basketry artist based in Sausalito, California.

"I give the ordinary a new and improved identity. 


I call it up-cycling" 

Sausalito sculptural basketry artist Emily Dvorin speaks to an audience about her innovative work.


oxygen tubing, syringe caps, beads, monofilament, cable ties

An innovative vessel by basket artist Emily Dvorin, made frrom oxygen tubing, syringe caps, beads, monofilament,  & cable ties.

     Emily has enjoyed speaking about her work, her process, and her techniques at a variety of places, including the deYoung Museum in San Francisco and the Marin Arts Council. She is available for speaking engagements aimed at artists, non-artists, adults and children. 

Contemporary basketry artist, Emily Dvorin uses unconventional and recycled materials to create her innovative vessels.



-Transordinary Vessels”, Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts, Santa Rosa, CA



-Transordinary Vessels”, Surface Art Association of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA



-“Transordinary Vessels”, South Florida Basket and Fiber Guild, Boca Raton, FL



-“Transordinary Vessels”, Valley Stitchers and Fiber Artists Guild, Pleasant Hill, CA



-"Transordinary Vessels”, The Outdoor Art Club, Mill Valley, CA


- "Douglass on the Road: San Francisco - Transordinary Vessels - An Evening with Artist, Emily Dvorin DC’64”, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


-"Transordinary Vessels",  University of North Texas- visiting artist online presentation

-"Materiality- The Art Of Repurposing ", National Basketry Organization, NBO PRESENTS webinar


-"Transordinary Vessels", Northwest  Basket Weavers Guild- online presentation

-"Sculptural Basketry", National Basketry Organization, VIRTUALLY WOVEN online conference webinar

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