Emily is a quintessential people person. Having owned a store for 35 years, she feels completely at home helping curious treasure seekers. Her warmth and humor are magnetic and her passion for her work is truly contagious. Emily's booth is always buzzing. Visitors are inevitably attracted to the familiar everyday items that are reborn in her pieces.  People passing by  recognize magnetic letters from childhood, coffee pods, ballet slippers, plastic forks, cable ties and slinkies.  They can't help but take a second look at how these familiar items have been transformed into unexpected works of art.  One after another, visitors light up as they discover the whimsy and workmanship of each piece.  To Emily, that thrilling response is everything. Knowing her work has inspired joy, curiosity, or wonder is the greatest gift of being an artist.  


Sculptural basketry artist Emily Dvorin regularly participates in several

booth shows 

each year. Visitors are delighted to discover her unique creations while interacting with the artist herself. 


 Sausalito, CA 94965



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